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Winter Projects
Go over this checklist once, twice, trice...being prepared is an awesome place to be.  You'll be steps ahead when you hear the sun warming the ground.  Wait, you can't really hear it, or can you?  Anything is possible in Michigan...after a cold winter that is.

  Check hand tools...oops, remember to do that before you put them away.  If you didn't, nows the time.

  Power tools - same goes for those tools that need oiling or a thorough once-over.

  Handles - Chipping or faded paint on handles should be repainted at this time.  Prevents rot and wear.

  Remove bulbs and store in a good place for planting in the Spring.

  Fall is the perfect time to think about using your leaves for insulation for your plants.

  Prepare your birdfeeders for ease of refilling when the snow has covered the ground.

  Visit Eau Claire Fruit Exchange for all your winter preparation needs.

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