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About the Supersweet (sh2) Genotype

1.  Is a naturally occurring genetic mutation found in field corn.
2.  Called supersweet because of higher sugar content than other genotypes.
3.  Called shrunken because the dry seed appears shrunken due to less starch in the endosperm.
4.  Have more seeds per pound, generally, than s.u. and many s.e. varieties
5.  Hold sweetness longer than s.u and s.e. varieties.
6.  Have a thicker skin (pericarp), pleasingly crisp when fresh but becomes tough and chewy with age. 
     The exception is the Xtra-Tender series.
7.  Does not have the seedling vigor that others exhibit in cool, wet soil.
     Generally, so plant in warm soil that is likely to stay warm.
8.  Plant in blocks of at least 4 rows and isolated from other genotypes with at least a 2-track truck path.

Bicolor Supersweet Corn
Xtra-Tender 276-  76 Day  Ear Length- 8”  Row Count- 16-18 Plant Height- 5’
Excellent emergence and seedling vigor.  Exceptional eating quality.  Best of our Xtra-Tenders.**

Yellow Supersweet Sweet Corn
Illini Xtra Sweet-  87 Day  Ear Length- 7-8” Row Count- 16 Plant Height- 7-8’
The original supersweet.  We still sell quite a bit, but can no longer recommend its eating quality.

Open-Pollinated Sweet Corn
Early Golden Bantam-  75 Day Ear Length- 6.5” Row Count- 8  Plant Height- 5-6”
Old-time favorite for home garden.

Ornamental Corn and Popcorn
Carousel Miniature-  100 Day Ear Length- 3-4” Plant Height- 6”
Red, blue, white, and yellow kernels are highly decorative.  Popped flakes are tiny and crisp.

Ornamental Corn-  110 Day Ear Length- 8-9” Plant Height- 7-8”
10% purple husks.  Beautiful kernel colors.  Large ears.  The standard “Indian Corn”.

Strawberry-  105 day Ear Length- 2”  Plant Height- 3.5”
Strawberry shape and color, grown for its attractive ornamental quality.


**The Xtra-Tender Series
The Xtra-Tender series was developed by sweet corn breeder Jerry Wegner of Illinois Foundation Seeds at the sweet corn processing heart of central Wisconsin, in the central sands region near Plover.  These varieties combine the best features and benefits of the s.e. and sh2 genotypes.  From the s.e. genotype is taken sensationally tender kernels, with smooth texture.  From the sh2 genotype come the kernel’s extremely high sugar content and their ability to maintain quality after harvest or on the stalk over an extended harvest.  The series has been years in the making and, as with any breeding program, improvement are ongoing.

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