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FREE Historic Ph test

Obtaining the ultimate crop production can be successfully achieved.  Low yields and/or quality can be cause by insufficient nutrients.  Costs can run high as the government is imposing more requirements on crop producers to minimize the amount of surplus nutrients that escape from the farm.

Several tests can be performed:

S1 = Soil pH, Buffer pH (as needed), Organic matter, available Phosphorus, exchangeable Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Percent Base Saturation of Cation Elements and fertility recommendations for up to three crops.

S2 = S1 plus three of the following - Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur and Zinc.

S3 = S1 plus Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur and Zinc.

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