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As a consumer of Feed and Hay, do you know what is in your product?  Your animals might benefit from having their feed and hay analyzed in order to find what they are consuming.

Higher quality feed will produce better weight gain and greater output from your livestock.

Hay Analysis - The most important processes when finding the actual nutrient of your hay content.  A chemical analysis takes several factors into consideration.  How old is your hay?  What color is it?  Hay that has a distinct odor or looks moldy should be discarded.  What are the external contents of the hay?  Are the there a large number of leaves, the process of photosynthesis can and will occur?  Are the leaves dangerous?

Horse Feed - The protein level, of 20% or higher, can be analyzed by a Hay Analysis.  Finding out what is in your hay that is the basis for the health of your animals turns into the result of your profit level.  Good feed and hay will give your profit level a substantial improvement.

Obtain a Dry Material Kit from our office for an analysis of your product.  Take the zip-loc bag in the kit and write your sample number on the bag with a permanent marker.  Fill with a sample of your product about half full and squeeze the air out.  Drop it off a our office, Eau Claire Fruit Exchange, and wait for us to call you with the results.

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