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Pasture Seeds
Various Mixes

Champion Pasture Mix formulated with grass varieties selected for horses and all production animals. It is a mix of highly palatable varieties that make super quality forage. Champion Pasture Mix can also be used for hay.
Midwestern Grazer Mix intended for using with managed intensive grazing practices. This is a mix of highly palatable grasses and legumes that make high quality forage for making milk or meat. It is also a great hay mix.
High Energy Ryegrass Mix formulated for managed intensive grazing. It is a mix of highly palatable ryegrass varieties selected for making milk or putting weight on growing livestock. (formerly called MIG Ryegrass Grazer Mix)
Beef Pasture Mix 70% Bronson Tall Fescue, 25% Duration Extra Medium Red Cover, and Jumbo Ladino Clover
Renovator Special Mix specially designed for renovating existing pastures. Renovator Special works well for inter-seeding into existing horse and cattle pastures. It is also used for improving weak alfalfa stands.
Superior Forage Mix a mix of highly productive alfalfa, clovers and grasses that make high quality forage. Superior Forage can be used for hay silage, dry hay, and managed intensive grazing.
Hay and Graze Clover Mix a mixture of outstanding clovers formulated at just the right percentage to give the best benefit for production livestock managers. (formerly called MIG Clover Mix)
Drought Buster Mix specially formulated for cattle, sheep, and goats for high animal production. Drought Buster Mix displays excellent drought tolerance and very high tonnage of outstanding quality forage. We added Tekapo Orchardgrass to the “old” CCR Mix for a long lasting, drought tolerant grass in the pasture.
Waterway Mix 50% Kentucky 31 Tal Fescue 50%, Perennial Ryegrass VNS
Soilbuilder Blend 60% Mammoth Red Clover, 30% Yelow Blossom Sweet Clover, 10% Alsike Clover
Baler Mix 60% Advent Plus Alfalfa, 20% Duration Extra Red Clover, 10% Kootenai Timothy, 5% Aurora Alsike Clover
Premium Pasture Mix 45% Enduro Ultra Alfalfa, 30% Duration Extra Red Clover, 15% Kootenai Timothy, 5% Haifa White Clover, 5% Aurora Alsike Clover
Hay Master 50% MacBeth Meadow Brome, 50% Preval Meadow Fescue
Udder-filler Forage Mix 70% Galaxy Triticale, 30% Marshall Annual Ryegrass
Groundbreaker Mix Austrian Winter Peas, GroundHog Radish
Crimson Cover-All Mix AU Robin Crimson Clover, GroundHod Radish
NutriBuilder Mix Bruiser Annual Ryegrass, AU Robin Crimson Clover, GroundHog Radish
Forager Mix Jerry Oats, Winter Rye, Appin Turnips
Soil Builder Annual Rye Marshall Annual Ryegrass Bruiser Annual Ryegrass (winterhardy varieties)

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