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A one-two punch - INCREDIBLE ATTRACTION in both the early and late hunting season:

Customers requested a product that would provide abundant, nutritious forage for fall and winter that grows rapidly and is extremely attractive to deer in both the early and late hunting seasons. Pure Attraction’s early-season attraction and nutrition come from Whitetail Oats and winter peas. Whitetail Institute forage brassicas provide abundant forage during the coldest months of the winter.
You’ll be amazed at how quickly and hard the deer will hit it!

  • Fast establishment
  • Tolerates a wide range of conditions
  • Highly attractive during early and late hunting seasons
  • Oat/brassica mix
  • 26 lbs. plants 1/2 acre

Click on the Pure Attraction picture for planting instructions!

The first chicory-based food plot product specifically for white-tailed deer. The combination of WINA-100 chicory, the most palatable leaf variety, and Imperial Whitetail is ideal for areas where high summer heat and extended drought has curbed the clover population. Perennial plant.

  • 3-1/2 lbs. plants 1/2 acre
  • 14 lbs. plants 2-1/4 acres

The most powerful, late-season brassica plot ever developed. High in essential nutrients vital for proper body conditioning during severe winter months. Highly drought tolerant, this hardy plot will stand tall during cold winter months and produce tons of attractive forage. A must-have for that late-season hunting food plot, establishes and grows rapidly.
  • 3 lbs. plants 1/2 acre
  • 12 lbs. plants 2 acres

Secret Spot needs no tilling equipment to plant. A blend of 15 varieties of annuals with incredible attracting power, created for remote areas that only you and the deer know about. Just clear a small section of land and score the ground with a hand rake to prepare for planting. It works great in any area that receives at least 2-4 hours of sunlight per day. A 4-lb bag will seed 4,500 sq. ft. Protein content up to 36% should be planted no greater than 1/4" in a soil with a pH from 6-7.0. Grows best in soils that hold moisture or are well-drained. An ideal annual plant for small openings or along meadow edges. Recommended fall plant that deer will use well into winter.
  • 4 lbs (4,500 sq ft)
  • 12 lbs (11,250 sq ft)

Try Imperial Whitetail “Chic” Magnet, featuring WINA-100 Forage Chicory, which is more tender and less waxy than traditional chicories – and deer are extremely attracted to it. “Chic” Magnet can be planted alone, mixed with other seeds, or over-seeded into existing forages to provide gains in variety, attractiveness and drought-resistance; extremely cold tolerant.
  • 3 lbs plants 1 acre
  • 9 lbs plants 3 acres

Sometimes, the best spots for food plots can be the toughest places to maneuver heavy equipment. If you can get there by 4-wheeler or foot and the area gets 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day, Imperial No-Plow can give you a hardy, fast-growing crop of highly nutritious and attractive forage. No-Plow is a high-protein annual that can provide up to 9 months of attraction and nutrition for optimal deer growth and antler development -- and preparation can be done with as little as hand tools.
  • 9 lbs plants 1/2 an acre
  • 25 lbs plants 1 1/2 acres

Lucky Buck Mineral                  Trophy Rock

Also Available:  Buck Grub, Deer Cane, Log Licker,
Stump Licker, Liquid and dry Molasses,
Deer Kraze, and many more!

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