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Stock Exchange Options

Eau Claire Fruit Exchange currently has 74 Stockholders and has 5,789 Shares outstanding.  Unfortunately, at this time, there are no new stock(s) available for purchase.  As such, the current Stockholders may occasionally sell stock to new or current Stockholders.

To take advantage of this opportunity, interested parties should call the office at the Eau Claire Fruit Exchange (269-461-6977).  Let them know that you are interested in purchasing stock.  Stockholders, who currently have stock up for sale, will receive notice of your request to purchase said stock. 

In order to complete the transfer of proposed stock, a "Request to Transfer Stock" form must be processed and approved by the Eau Claire Fruit Exchange Board of Directors. Click the link below to view the form in PDF format.

The Annual Stockholder meeting is held the first Monday of April. 
The next scheduled meeting will be held Monday, April 4, 2014. 

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2011 Annual Stockholders Meeting Notice

2011 Annual Meeting Press Release

Request to Transfer Stock

Call Eau Claire Fruit Exchange Office 269-461-6977 to invest. 

6486 W. Main St.     •     PO Box 327     •     Eau Claire, MI 49111     •     269.461.6977