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FAQ's of Shareholding

Frequently Asked Questions to Eau Claire Fruit Exchange Stock Transfers:

Who can buy stock?
The Eau Claire Fruit Exchange is currently not offering "new" stock for sale.  Stock may be available to purchase from current stockholders.

How many stocks are available?
No "New" stock are available.  There are currently 5,789 shares held by our stockholders.  These stocks are available to gift, purchase or inherit.

Why can't I buy new stocks?
The Board of Directors has decided to put a hold on any issues of new stock.

What is a "Transfer" of stock?
Stock is moved - gifts, sold, or inherited - from another stockholder.

How long does it take to "Transfer" the stock?
Once all the documents and agreements are completed from the individual stockholders, the Board of Directors must approve all transfers or "sales."  Approved stock is then issued accordingly to the bylaws of the Eau Claire Fruit Exchange Charter.

What quantity of stock may I purchase?
Between private parties, there is no currently limit to the number of stock which can be processed.

If there is a question that was not answered, please feel free to use the "Contact Us" format to suggest it be added to our FAQs.

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