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Lawn Care Calendar
Helpful Hints to help keep your Lawn healthy throughout the year. Our seeds come directly from Cisco Seeds, therefore you and your lawn are getting quality options to help keep your investment at it's highest level of excellence.

February and March
The perfect temperature for seed germination is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  The grass seed will work with the soils that continues to free and thaw

Apply crabgrass control before crabgrass germinates (this will happen between the middle and end of April) which will give you about 4 to 6 months of protection.  This would also be a good time for dethatching (the removal of dead grass buildup in your lawn - the ideal time to dethatch your lawn is typically the first part of September.

May and June
Grub control should be done during these months when the roots of the grass are actively growing.  Water your lawn after application, this will allow the roots to absorb the chemical better.  Your roots will be ready when the grubs hatch.  The grubs will eat the roots and immediately ingest the chemical and die off.  This will help protect your lawn for the season.

Add lawn food when your weeds are taken care of.  This should be applied throughout the growing season.  Water your lawn the day before, apply the fertilizer (dry or liquid) before noon and water lightly after application.  The grass will be more receptive to the absorbtion of the application.

Fertilize with the right mixture to help recover from the heat of the summer.  Try core aerating and over-seeding to bring refresh your lawn.

Winterization can be applied at this time.  This will help stimulate root development and prepare for a faster spring growth process.

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