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Have produce?  We carry all the tools necessary in growing harvesting your fruits and vegetables. 
Farm Fresh Produce Fresh Sweet Corn
Fresh Raspberries Fresh Blueberries
Pick Your Own Strawberry Multi-Color Pennants

Professional LOPPERS
P19-80  Two-Handed
Heavy duty bypass lopper for very thick and strong branches on older vines and trees.  Can also be utilized for longer reaches and cutting overhead.  Cuts are powerful and leave a smooth finish due to the full hardened blade.  Rubber buffers serve as shock absorbing the continued use of the aluminum tube handles.
P160-SL-60, 75, 90  Two-Handed
Orchard lopper can also be used for landscaping.  Narrow slim blade is combined with hooked counter blade for a smooth easy cut.  The forged counter blade is able to maintain after intensive use.  Aluminum long handles are good for long reaching and overhead cutting.
7311518301170 / 7311518301187 / 7311518301194
Anvil 172-SL-85  Two-Handed
For cutting hard and dry wood this is the heavy duty lopper for you.  The cutting head has sliding level action for 50% more force and a larger cutting capacity.  The blade has Xylan®  coating for reduction of friction.  Comfortable grips help the lightweight aluminum handles from slipage.
Bypass  P280-SL-80  Heavy Duty
Lopper has lever action and fully hardened steel blades with Xylan®  coating for less friction.  The lever action on the cutting head provide 50% more force and larger cutting capacity.  A longer reach is due to the lightweight aluminum handles.
114-SL-50 Light Lopper
Designed for pruning soft and green wood in vineyards and orchards.  Narrow cutting head for easy access and quick, precise cuts.  Professional blade material and grinding for highest performance.  Lightweight aluminum handles with in-tube assembled blade and counter blade for easy maintenance.
Lopper Blades
Spare blade parts for P14 and P160 Loppers
Lopper Spare Parts
                  P19-80, P160-60, P160-75/90 Buffers/Bumpers
                 P172-65/85 and P172 Anvil with Screws
                  P14/16, P174, P176-75 Center Bolt Kit
P14/16 and P160 Nuts and Bolts

Replacement Blades for 51XX Pruning Saws  5724-JS
Blades are with hardpoint teeth for long lasting sharpness.
Bowsaw with Pointed Nose
Handy 21"  bowsaw with pointed nose makes it perfect for tight locations where pruning and roofiing work i sbeing done.  Comes with a 51 series blade for cutting dry wood.
Saw Blades
Bowsaw Blade - 24/30
Suitable for sawing on green wood. Raker toothing.  Hardened and tempered high-qaulity steel.  Tooth points high-frequency, heat-induction hardened for long-lasting performance.  Rust-prevention treated and packed in individual sleeve printed with graphically illustrated text for correct blade selection.
Bowsaw Blade - 21
For cutting dry, seasoned wood, as well as for cross-cutting fresh, green wood.  Peg toothing.  Hardened and tempered high-quality steel.  Tooth points high-frequency, heat-induction hardened for long lasting performance.  Rust-prevention treated and packed in individual sleeve printed wtih graphically illustrated text for correct blade selection.
P123-19-Bulk30 with Holster
Snip for harvesting grapes, other fruit, flowers, and some vegetables.  Long and fine bypass cutting head with an opening of 40 mm.  Handles made of fibreglass reinforced material. These snips are supplied with holster.

Pocket Knives Machetes Shears
Pruners Loppers Saws
Bow Saw Replacement Hedge Shears Scabbard
Floral Thinning Shears Grape Shears Lopper Handles
Blades Folding Saws Bypass Pruners
Lopper Hooks Lopper Hooks All Purpose Saws
Quicksaw Blade Parts Handles
Pivot Nuts & Bolts for Pruners Razor Tooth Blades Hedge Trimmers
Snap Cut Crews, Bolts & Nuts Bow Saws Counter Blades
Spring Buffers Springs Corn Knives
Grease and Lubricant Sharpening Stones Holsters
Catch Plates Rivets Bushings
Grafting Knives Edging Rings Locking Segments

Plastic Buckets Bushel Baskets 1/2 Bushel Baskets
1 1/2 Bushel Baskets Peck Basket 1/2 Peck Basket
1/4 Peck Basket Quart Weave Wood 2 Quart Basket
4 Quart Wood Handle 8 Quart Wood Handle 12 Quart Jumbo
1/2 Pint Plastic Mesh 1/2 Pint Wood 1/2 Pint Fiber Box
Pint Box Bushel Crate  
Bushel Box Body Bushel Box Cover 1/2 Peck Draw String
1/2 Bushel Body 1/2 Bushel Cover 1/4 Peck Draw String
1/2 Bushed Draw String Peck Draw String 1/2 Bushel Twist Tie
1/4 Peck Paper Bag 1/2 Peck Paper Bag Peck Paper Bag
1/2 Bushel Paper Bag    
12 Pint Berry Flat 10 pound Box 5 pound Box
30 pound Lug - Yellow    
Carton Body 20 lb Carton Wax Carton Cover
Box Cover 1/2 Peck Paper Bag 1 Peck Paper Bag
Peck Plastic Tote 1/2 Peck Plastic Tote  
Flats in Blue or White Wood Quarts Fiber Quarts
Mesh Quarts 1/2 Quart  
10 lb plain box 10 lb plain box cover 10 lb printed box
20 lb printed box 20 lb box cover 25 lb box
25 lb box cover Grape 10 lb box Cherry Tomato 12 Pnt Flat
48 Qt Hamper Grape Pint  

Pint Blueberry Pint Oblong Quarts
Quart - Square Master 6 x 2  
Miscellaneous Carriers
Quart Plastic Mesh Quart Box Wood Oblong 3 Quart Box Wood Oblong
Quart Box Wood 2 Quart Wood Till 2 Quart Box Clear Plastic
Quart Box Fiber Bushel Fresh Vegetable Box 3 Quart Box Clear Plastic
Quart Fox Clear 1/2 Bushel Fresh Vegetable Box Indian Corn Self Folding
Gift Fruit Basket 25 pound Quality Fruit Box Large Melon Carton
Plum Carton 10 Zucchini/Squash Carton 1/2 Bushel Gourd Box
Cucumber 24 Count Cabbage Box 5 lb/4 Qt All Purpose Box
5 pound WIre Handle 10 lb/8 Qt All Purpose Box 10 pound Wire Handle
Metal Carrier with Handle 2 lb/2 Qt All Purpose Box 1/2 Bushel Roadside Hamper
1 Peck Roadside Hamper Fresh Produce Translucent Farm Fresh Bags
Plain Paper Bags Fresh Produce Paper Bags Onion Mesh Bags
Pull n Pack T-Shirt Bags Fruit & Vegetable Rolled T-Shirt Bags Corn Plastic Roll Bags
Basket Liners Pails - White Round Red Picking Buckets
Square Pails Stretch Wrap 18" x 1500" Staples

Twine Bird Chaser Balloon Tomato Cages
Pails Garbage Cans Ez-Connect Fruit Picker
Cone Cups Clothespins Shade Cloth Fabric
Twist Ties Deer Rep Ties Crayons
Grafting Wax/Kits Grease Lube
Stretch Film Tape Swipes
Seeds Surveyors Tape Vermiculite
Butterfly Clips Banners Hand Labeler
Garden Stakes Poly Rope Budding Strips
Tying Green Tape Max Tapener Tying Gun
Serrated Blades Tying Gun Trellis Vinyl Ties
Chainlock Marking Flags Bamboo Plant Stakes
Tomato Stakes Cauliflower Bands Asparagus Bands
Peach Thinner Tees Tree Spreader Box Treeguards
Polycoated Cardstock Deer Soap Bar Cotton Drawstring
Hot Caps Row Cover Mulch
Pick Buckets Picking Aprons Apple Barrel Bags
Picking Bags Cherry/Berry Harnesses Patch Harnesses
Kettle Ears Cotton Rope Webbing Clide
Picking Buck Bucket Skirt Equal Loops
Klug Korners Klug Plates Burlap Bags
SanLaddersd Bags Penetrometer Fruit Sizer
Vegetable Wax Stencil Ink Tape Strapping
Stamps Shipping Tape Michigan Fruit Management Guide
Weed Control Guide Weed Control Guide Alfalfa Management Guide
Tree Fruit Pests Manual Fruit Tree Diseases Manual Christmas Tree Pest Manual
Greenhouse Plastic Over Wintering Film Poly Patch Tape
Inflation Fan Fan Adapter Bracket Oakfield Soil Probe
Pots Indian Meal Moth Lure Jars
Flower Pouches Black Plastic Many More Items In Stock and Available

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