Since 1926...

The Eau Claire Fruit Exchange has been located in the fruit belt of Michigan since 1926, extending 15 miles from Lake Michigan - what a tremendous site.  What a great place to be.
By being so close to Lake Michigan, the growing crops of fruits and vegetables get the extra benefit of the cool nights and warm days. The sandy soils, generous supply of water, and extensive labor force are combined to generate an abundant crop return.
A group of growers got together to create a cohesive location to pack and market their local vegetables and fruit - the Eau Claire Fruit Exchange was formed.  Since 1926, the Fruit Exchange has been growing in conjunction with the needs and developments of the agricultural needs of the surrounding communities. With our Board of Directors, 74 Stockholders (5,789 Shares), and Customers, we strive to set and improve on goals that keep us in the challenging changes of todays growth and market.  Sixty percent of the population is within a days truck drive from our location – Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and the East Coast Markets, not to mention other means of transportation that make our location ideal for utilizing train and water deliveries.  

We have and continue to support processors, cold storage, basket and packaging companies, fertilizer and chemical suppliers, and our customers, far and wide, that come to us for their everyday needs.  Customers will find feed, seed, boxes and baskets, pruning tools, sprayer supplies, post and vineyard supplies, pumps, and tips, a full service hardware...whew, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  We are the "Old Fashioned General Store" and have that special item you thought you would never find.

We're ready to serve you and if we don't have it, we will find it for you.  That's how excited we are to have you as our customer and we thank you for that.